What if there was a new Humanities building on campus?

‘IF’ is a project which aims to uncover the ideas, opinions, hopes and dreams that students and staff at Warwick might have for teaching, research and learning spaces. We are particularly interested in exploring potential spaces for a new building to house the Faculty of Arts

This blog has been set up to provide a gateway to the project for everyone. This part of the project is being run by us, Nomad RDC LTD. We are a design team who specialise in making people-centered places and the University has asked us to work with you to generate ideas for this exciting new project.

Over the next few weeks, between October and November we plan to reach as many of you as possible. To do this we will be making site visits, running a pop up stall and conducting field events so keep an eye on this blog or follow us on Twitter at (@ifhumsbuilding) for regular updates. We will also be uploading polls, discussions, images and drawings here for your comments. The project has a tight time frame so we would urge you to become involved right away if you want your voice heard.

Thanks for helping out.

Nomad Team

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