Student interview results

Back in October you may recall taking part in our on-site interviews. We use informal interviews coupled with a wealth of other creative consultation methods to understand the real, rather than perceived spatial preferences and needs of the people we are designing for and in this instance the Informal Interview process lies at the heart of our creative consultation project for the ‘If‘ project.

If you remember taking part you will also recall either, Scott and Sara who we sent to site to spend two days interviewing staff and students using an informal soft interview style. Over the course of the two days they were stationed at two locations.

  • The Humanities Building – Library Road entrance.
  • Milburn House – Main entrance.

In total Sara and Scott interviewed 87 of you! The data gathered was brought back to our studio where it was analysed and the following charts created to feed back the information to, you the users and the University management. We received some very detailed feedback and are working through this and other consultation information including the polls mounted here on the blog. All of this data will be captured in a report that we hope to submit to the University in December and we have our fingers crossed that this will help to engage peoples interest and build support for a new Humanities Building at UoW.

NB. The figure of 2% has been used as a threshold in the data. This is due to the number of multiple responses in individual questions and the natural low frequency of some of these results. All answers on or below this threshold are automatically included within the ‘Other’ category.


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