Over the last few years we have been streaming lots of conferences into the studio. It’s a really handy way of staying up to date without having the time sink and expense of travelling. A few years ago we heard Emily-Ann Nash former Vice President of The University of Brighton’s Student Union presented at the FOTE conference that was held at Senate House in London. Nash is now an elected member of the NUS National Higher Education Zone Committee and her work there has focused on leading the NUS digital agenda and producing a Technology Charter to support and encourage student unions throughout the UK to lobby their universities for a 21st century student experience. Amid a number of interesting issues she raised the importance of talking to students about your expectations and requirements. We know that you will want some form of technological support your new learning spaces but what kind? Will it simply be more power outlets, charging points and greater data/ wifi connection for your own devices or do you need more? The charter presented by Nash above is probably a little out of date now so it would be great to hear your thoughts an opinions about the technology you might need in a new Humanities Building.

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