At Nomad our team are frequently commissioned to create new entrances space for our clients and they are more difficult than you might think. These spaces are incredibly sensitive as they are a major threshold and they will either act to attract people or to repel them and the difference between this can often be very subtle indeed. A typical entrance space contains some key components. These are,

The reception desk

Information screens

Large-scale sign or 3D brand

Exhibits showcasing the talents or those who inhabit the place.

Recently some of our clients have been experimenting with these spaces and a couple of our larger clients have rebelled against the stereotypical set up. They wanted solutions that were more suited to a 21st century society and although they could not quite define what that means they have thrown the gauntlet down and challenged us.

If a new Humanities Building is constructed we want to know the type of entrance that you would be impressed by. Our designers will be on site on the 26th & 27th Oct, so if you have some time and some ideas you can go and stop and have a chat with them. Alternatively we would love to hear your ideas here in the comments section below.

2 thoughts on “A SENSE OF ARRIVAL

  1. A university is a community made up of different people committed to intellectual engagement. Those using the building are not ‘clients’, but rather human beings engaged in education. The entrance space thus needs humans – any amount of glitter and tech won’t make any difference if there aren’t comfortable spaces for office staff to be present to welcome and help our students.

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  2. I’d like to see notice boards where students can freely display adverts for society and social activities, in addition to academic and administrative noticeboards. I wouldn’t mind what colour walls, flooring or furniture we have, as long as there are plenty of places to sit as well as greenery and artwork to relax around.

    I would hate to see a Humanities Building that had stark white walls, high ceilings and everything just so. WBS seems to treat its students like clients rather than young people at university – let’s do something different to that.


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